Dr. Sabira examining  a horse at Static clinic Lahore

The Brooke's vision is of a world in which working horses, donkeys and mules are free from suffering. The Brooke delivers practical programmes and provides support, advice, funding and infrastructure to its global network of employees, partners and supporters to make that vision a reality.



The Brooke works with 5 partners at present in Pakistan:


1. Livestock and Animal Health Department, Government of Sindh,

2. Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Government of Punjab

3. Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Government of KPK

MoUs are signed between Brooke Pakistan and Livestock and Husbandry Departments of Sindh, Punjab and KPK provinces for the capacity building of government VOs and VAs and also to enhance mutual cooperation and coordination for equine welfare. L&AHDs has a set of infrastructure including veterinary staff; however, departments are primarily engaged in the provision of veterinary and related services to farm animals.  Main aim of these MOUs is to instigate the focus of the department towards working equine welfare through traing of goverment VO and VAs in equine treatment and welfare, networking and mutual cooperation.


4. Sind Rural Support Organization (SRSO)

The agreement with SRSO and Brooke Pakistan is in place for working in Sukkur, Jaccobabad and Shikarpur for capacity building of equine owners/users on BMPs, capacity building of LSPs & VSPs, linkages development, equine welfare Infrastructure development & mass awareness events. The social mobilization component is being covered by SRSO and equine welfare by Brooke Pakistan. The equine owning communities have been identified and interventions are being planned and implemented in program priority areas. During 2012-13, BP will expand through Partnership with SRSO in district of Larkana keeping in view the recommendations of scoping.

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5. University of Agriculture Faisalabad / (UAF)

The Central Region is also maintaining the partnership in Faisalabad district with University of Agriculture Faisalabad for the activities like training of DVM student on equine welfare, animal handling following MS of equine welfare and capacity building of faculty staff (including farrier , Vet Assistant).

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