Equine welfare through community empowerment

The Brooke's vision is of a world in which working horses, donkeys and mules are free from suffering. The Brooke delivers practical programmes and provides support, advice, funding and infrastructure to its global network of employees, partners and supporters to make that vision a reality.

Brooke Pakistan reaches over 500,000 horses, donkeys and mules across 32 districts in three provinces of Pakistan. We provide:



Direct veterinary intervention – to ease the pain of horses, donkeys and mules that are suffering. Brooke Pakistan's 32 Community Equine Welfare Teams and 5 Equine Welfare Centers work round the year to provide relief to the ill and suffering animals across Pakistan.


Preventing welfare problems through community empowerment, training community-based animal health workers and supporting essential local services to ensure good husbandry and prevent harmful practices.


BP as compared to other programmes has diverse aspects in its programme. Improvement of animal welfare is linked to overall socio-economic status of the owner/users and effective preventive measures, so focus has to be on both. Considering the scope of the programme i.e. to help large number of animals in greatest need, BP needs to make a strong case with evidence about socio-economic contribution of the animals in order to seek a better deal for the working equines from the policy makers, by urging them to plug the gap in their policies to ensure better environment for the working equines. By targeting multiple stakeholders BP intends to build capacity of equine owners and duty bearers, and to sensitize civil society organizations to form effective advocacy group/forums to realize optimum equine welfare.


Working in partnership

Prevention is most effectively managed through working in partnership with animal owner/users and community groups. As explained in para above it is not possible for Brooke alone to muster all resources to do the job, we need to mobilize the government and other semi-autonomous bodies including likeminded iNGOs, so that work done by the Brooke in the field of equine health and welfare improvement is sustained through affordable local health care services. Moreover, surveillance of diseases, threat of outbreak, and implementation would be effectively achieved through liaison with local government functionaries and stakeholders.



The Brooke Pakistan conducts clinical field and participatory research to address targeted animal welfare issues and actively use welfare assessment and research findings in project and implementation design and evaluation. These practical field works identify effective and sustainable solutions to animal welfare problems and measuring the impact of the Brooke's work and the resultant findings are disseminated to relevant in line organizations. The Brooke also carry out scoping to prioritize areas of greatest need in the country for expansion.

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Helping poor communities during natural disasters and emergencies. The Brooke provided treatment, shelter and fodder to injured and sick animals during the 2005 earthquake and 2010, & 11 flash floods. Brooke Pakistan's humanitarian efforts are recognized by Government of Pakistan at the highest level.


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